Don’t miss the 3rd SEEAR opening party tonight!

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We want to believe!

One of the best posters we’ve seen in the streets of athens, made by tind.

Click here for more stuff like this by tind.

Iffp 2012 opening today!

Today starts the 2nd International film festival of Patmos (IFFP 2102). If you happen to be on a nearby island don’t miss it!

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BOB proudly presents Chris Zaf!

Christos has just finished his six-month internship in our studio (athens) and he is now worthly and officially a member of bob studio!

On the pics that follow you can see some of the projects he contributed a lot.

Making Lola!

We just got the sample of the book cover of Lola, Kostis Maraveyas new book. Red soft plastic with gold screen printed type.

In bookstores next week!

Presentation of “On the Riverside”

Last week we were invited by the Greek Graphics Designer Association to present our work.

We were very honored and would like to thank the people that attended the presentaion.

New print out now!

Last week we screen printed in the studio 30 pieces of a one color poster designed by Panos Nikolakakis (fishtank-design).

Check out some more nice work of Fishtank design here!

Maraveyas ilegal Live at Fuzz!

Tomorrow, sat 3.3.12, Maraveyas Ilegal will be at Fuzz club, presenting the new album LOLA. The poster was printed in 3 fluorescent colour and black.

You can find more info about the newcoming album at

Be there! Don’t drink and drive.

Bob Studio Xmas card – making of!

This christmas we worked with Irene Fuga on making bob studio’s xmas cards. Irene’s illustration was printed on grey eco paper, and then we screen printed with white colour the wishes. It has been two months since then but its never too late for wishes – happy new year!

check Irene’s other beautiful stuff on: punto di fuga

Psarokokalo short film festival opening!

Starts today and will go on till the 22nd of February,  the 6th Psarokokalo Athens International Short Film Festival. We contributed to this year’s festival by designing the poster and the program. Don’t miss it!

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Panorama Design 2011

We happily announce that we will participate on this year’s “Design Panorama” conference, among many worth watching design agencies, artists and creative people from Greece and Europe.

We will present the making of two quite different (mainly for their production process) projects, “Eleia” olive oil and “Takis” Dry Cleaning.

For more details about the conference go to


Last Friday was the opening party for Seear 2.0, a project where young designers and musicians collaborate to produce audiovisual art and communication through the two main human senses. We supported this event by silkprinting 111 Memorabilia posters, which were given to the crowd at 11:11 pm at the party. You can find more about Seear on

Very Fresh Work on bob studio website!

Have a look on some new projects that are on now on

Bob studio proudly presents the brand new Bob Stadio!

The rebuilding & customising of the legendary (but old) fussball table of Stavros Tsoutsas (former president of Thriamvos FC), has finally finished this summer and is celebrated with the “Meatballs & Beers Cup”. Many teams participated with Babis & Anna’s team (aegeanscapes) winning the tournament and its valuable prize.

Monika’s new website is up!

We designed and built Monika’s official website and it’s finally up there!

Enjoy her music!

Eléia Olive Oil in September selection of Monocle magazine

Eléia Olive Oil was selected in the latest issue of Monocle magazine together with a nice compliment to Bob Studio as well.

Below is the full text from the article:

“In 2007, when vast forest fires consumed most of the farmland in the region of Ilia, greece, Alexandros Spiladis saw a business opportunity and invested money into regenerating the area. He planted 40,000 olive trees – one of the biggest olive groves in Greece and a source for Eléia’s extra virgin olive oil. Packed in a slick bottle and tin designed by Athens and London design firm, Bob Studio, Eléia is the perfect addition to kitchen shelves.”

the Full Thunder Moon

The Farmer’s Almanac, includes all Full Moon names throughout the year that date back to Native Americans.

Just a glimpse through 12 full moon names:

January: Full Wolf Moon / February: Full Snow Moon (or the Full Hunger Moon) / March: Full Worm Moon (or the Full Crow Moon) / April: Full Pink Moon / May: Full Flower Moon (or the Milk Moon) / June: Full Strawberry Moon / July: The Full Buck Moon (or the Full Thunder Moon) / August: Full Sturgeon Moon (or the Full Red Moon) / September: Full Corn Moon / October: Full Harvest Moon / November: Full Beaver Moon / December: The Full Cold Moon (or the Full Long Nights Moon)

The full Google Moon (Google images first array of full moons)

Click the link for more details

Eleia makes Dieline’s latest top 10 package designs

Regarded as the number one package design website, Dieline has selected our project Eleia to be featured in there ‘latest top 10 package designs’

Click here to view our project on Dieline’s website
Click to view the project

Bob lecture at Syros

Last month we were invited to visit the University of  the Aegean, Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, at Syros, to give a lecture for the DPSD Beyond, a students’ initiative for sharing knowledge. The students welcomed us and we had a very interesting debate over our projects and graphic design in general.

Eleia gift box

This is the Eleia new gift box! Made of craft paper, with white silk-screen print. You can see more of Eleia project here.

Crowd-funded advertising

It is an idea that is being realised via the social media and the interactivity they offer between creative minds and their audience. Crowd-funding enables the audience to choose (and fund) what is shown via the media/ social media/ billboards.

In one instance, (spredbudskabet) agency in denmark has created an interactive platform containing pre-designed campaigns that get elected by website visitors in the sense they best resonate with Danish consumers. Visitors have then the choice to fund for this advertising and either print the posters themselves or let the agency take advantage of its extensive contacts network in the media to properly promote it ‘out there’.

On the other hand, and if in need to promote one’s own designs (or artwork in general), there is (kickstarter). Creative minds from the world of music, film, art, technology, design, publishing or even food ger to pitch their idea and raise funds for it to be communicated more broadly. Want to reach out? Better find people that believe your work should be heard, but do it before the given time runs out- and don’t worry about ownership rights, you get to keep it all to yourself.

Another application,…/2010/11/29/loudsauce/ (loudsauce) is doing a similar thing, this time for ’cause marketing': how would you feel if you saw tomorrow morning driving to work a billboard warning against hyperconsumption instead of showcasing a new gas-guzzling car? Have a look at loudsauce’s concept : the loudsauce vision, and their blog Partnering with The Green Patriot movement (posters for energy dependence and the fight against climate change) resulted in very impressive green movement posters  the streets of san francisco (2006) (see example).

New flash mob video from Watergun

Our friends at Watergun have created a new video for El Pescao, the first video had only 12 participants, this time they decided to invite everyone. Check out there great work!


El Pescao – Buscando el Sol (Flashmob) from Watergun on Vimeo.















The previous version:

El Pescao – Buscando el Sol from Watergun on Vimeo.


We have updated Samal Blak’s website. The website now runs on WordPress (, it is more SEO friendly and can now be viewed on iPhone/iPad. New projects have been added and a brand new news section has been created.

Check out the screenshots below, or visit

StairPorn (for people looking for cool stairs, only)

Here’s a blog for stair enthusiasts around the world. We liked the approach that may result in a couple of web surfers visiting the blog by mistake as also mentioned in the homepage: “stair porn™ is a weblog showcasing cool stairs from around the world. If you came here looking for sex, you’re plumb outta luck, bub”

Stelios Vamvakaris – New album

Last week Alektor Music released the new album of Stelios Vamvakaris, one of the first musicians to explore the common roots of rebetika and American blues, and we proudly designed it.

You can find it in most of the record stores in Greece. Soon in the rest of the world!

Under the Covers

An instrument to increase sales? A summary of the inside context? An intention to catch the eye? What is the actual role of the book cover and title?

The most amusing story of book cover choice we’ve come across comes from a book published by comedian Alan Coren (UK). Nazi books are known as the gift that keeps on giving in the publishing world, since they have the durable quality of achieving success in sales. It is a topic that never ceases to intrigue worldwide readers thus keeping all third reich – related publications at the top of best seller lists.

Now, what about cats? Or golf for that matter? Apart from the never ending success story of the swastika, books about cats and about golf were the most popular in the UK best selling lists of 1976. Alan Coren decided to touch upon all three (not-so-very-connected) topics when choosing a title and cover for his book (for obvious reasons or maybe just to make a humourous statement) resulting in the following cover (and title) for his 1976 comic book: Golfing for Cats:

Two editions of Alan Corens comic book ‘Golfing for Cats’ (1976)

New bags for Lazy D. printed in Bob studio!

Last week we printed new paper bags for Lazy D vintage clothing! We used our screenprinting facilities at Bob studio.

You can check her clothes here:

Joy of Destruction

A film about the human drive to destroy and the absurd entertaining value that’s attached to it.
paper collage & stop motion | KHB Weißensee 2010

JOY OF DESTRUCTION from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

Nice work by Julien Vallée

Julien Vallée is a graphic designer from Montréal, Canada.

He uses paper in most of his artworks, hand-crafting it to create unique pieces and sculptures.

Spray Can is a paper sculpture created for the main exhibition of Illustrative Zürich festival 2008.

Bob’s screen printing studio is now working!

Last week we did a screen printing test that was quite successful so the Bob printing facilities are ready to work.

May the force be with us!

Subcultures for a laugh

It takes only a brief search online to discover the variety and imagination put by net-users to what we can call internet’s pastime activities. Most interesting is that there are many occasions when a person’s quirky, insane or simply bizarre idea has turned out to be a true internet craze, with joiner submissions so massive that give it the scale of a subculture.

Here’s only a couple of internet favourites that have emerged and still exist online celebrating the net community’s ability to constantly come up with ways to communicate, entertain and contribute all with one sole purpose: for a laugh.

Photobombing: On a mission to ruin your holiday snapshot

Look alikes: Does your next door neighbour resemble G.W.Bush?

Epic Fails: Proud poses that turn out to be well, not so proud

The wtf collective: This unique moment that the whole universe is aligned so accurately with stupidity

Google sightseeing- google earth: A community dedicated to spotting boats crossing the Suez canal, aeroplanes over the plains of Kent, or even blue whales near the California shore.


Lovely kids on the beach, photobombed

Send your own example of the internet’s immense pastime capability to

Bob is live!

After a long week (about a year) we welcome you to our new website + blog! We hope this blog provides you with a deeper insight into our work and who we are. We will use it as a platform to engage with our friends, clients, collaborators, followers and to display projects/ideas that we come across and like.

Soon you will be able to download a pdf of our work and our online store will also be setup in a few weeks. Keep on the lookout for upcoming posts from us!